How to make Vrouter work?

Hello Opennebula Teams,
I tested Vrouter on OpenNebula, I created 2 VNETs, 2 VMs (named A and B). Each VM has 1 VNET with IPs for VM A and for VM B. On Vrouter, there are also 2 interfaces with IPs and I configured the default gateway on both VMs to point to the VRouter’s IP, but pinging between them does not work (VMs can ping the gateway).

I checked via tcpdump and found that:

  • If I ping from VM B ( to VM A (, VM A receives the request packet and replies to VM B. Interface of VRouter captures both echo request and reply packets, but interface only captures request packets (it seems VRouter successfully routes the request packets but not the replies).
  • Pinging from VM A ( to VM B ( sends echo request packets only to interface of VRouter, while interface does not receive any packets.
    Note: VM A ( can ping the IP of VRouter. VM A ( can ping the IP of VRouter.

Version: Opennebula 6.8.
Perhaps I missed some configuration, how can I configure them?


Did you enable NAT on the Virtual router?

Thank you