How to migrate existing leases when reordering virtual network addressranges?


we are in the process of managing onevnet and the addressranges to Puppet types and providers.
During Upgrade from 4.8 to 4.10 our existing network configuration (one VNet with one big network range) was split up into one VNet with multiple addressranges.

We now want to merge this configuration back to one addressrange.
At the moment we have about 1600 leases in 6 addressranges.

Is there a way to read the leases and re-insert them into the newly created addressrange?
I know that we can put leases on hold or reserve. But in this case we will loose the information which VM holds which lease.

Please advise,

many thanks,

Any ideas?
Is the described stuff technically possible at all?


The only way to do this is by updating the DB, which is not straightfoward
for the VNETS as the ARs store usage in binary form as part of the XML
blob… If needed I’d suggest to code a custom “migrator” you can probably
look at the one that did the split

Good luck