How to place VM in HA manager, always started

Hi everyone,

I have created a new cluster on opennebula 5.12 with 3 kvm on frontend, it’s a facility test for me.
My facility is done with Ceph system and the datastore is connected.

I would like to place some VM in the HA manager with state require ‘always started’ like Proxmox VE. I have read the chapter on hook template but I don’t understand how this file can manage the state of VM.

Can you help me?

thanks for all.

Hi, you might be confusing something here. OpenNebula’s HA hook is meant to migrate a VM from a failed host to a healthy one. Pmox’s “always on” (if I remember correctly), is meant to automatically start a VM after a node goes down, and then is brought back up. There is no out of the box way to accomplish the second behavior in OpenNebula, the idea with HA is that your entire cluster will not go down, and VMs will be migrated from failed nodes into healthy ones.

Thanks for explaination, have process to apply HA hook strategie on VM?

Indeed: Default settings should be fine for your case