Questions of a newbie (KVM-Ceph cloud)

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I was trying to implement a KVM-Ceph based cloud. Does Opennebula support vm ha through Corosync/Pacemaker/Heartbeat?. I mean does it notify some way, for instance a host has now a vm which previously was at another host?.

As far as I read it supports now Ceph storage. How does it use?. A mapped image? though librbd?.

Does it work properly with libvirt vlanes and networks?. I will have some of them. And they should be in all hosts.

Just as a curiosity too. Does it have any kind of api for being able to give instructions to OpenNebula if all my hipotetical infraestructure is properly supported?. Another one of curiosity. Does it support ESXI 6X?. I know libvirt does not and if Opennebula implements all this through libvirt… I assume it wont too…

Anyone having experience in some of these aspects?. How does Opennebula work in this commented env?.

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Consider numbering your questions, there are many of them and if people start commenting there will be chaos, or maybe better create several posts.

For question 1. (your first paragraph) see For host HA see a recent discussion

For question 4a (fourth paragraph, first question). for api see Recently there is also a python api being developed

Good morning Marcindulak,

Totally agree sorry for it and many thanks for your time and answers.

For the answer of question 1 if I was interested in deploying HA externally to Opennebula, I mean with an external tool (or set of tools in this case due to some other facts they provide me) is it some kind of command for telling Opennebula, re-scan again or make again the inventory of which vms are in which host?. Or perhaps imagine someone moves a vm with virsh command… can Opennebula rebuild it’s each host running vms, resources and so??.

About the api, totally clear :). Could anyone know something about vmware?.

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