How to use Virtual Router

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I’ve downloaded the alpine kvm virtual router appliance. And then created a VR. It’s connected to two VNETs. And now how do i use this VR? Defining forwarding rules or dhcp etc?

Here’s how my topology looks like:

Btw, in docs:
the image for creating VR is different from my actual sunstone (5.0.1) . In the docs, VR is listed under Network however it is actually under Instances. It’d be better to update…

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Forwarding should work out-of-the-box, if you want to place more services in the VR, you need to login and install/confgure them. You may want to use context to automate this process…

So, if I get it right, there isn’t any (nat, dhcp, etc) configuration through sunstone (and wont be?) And so, it’s basically same with having a custom fw&router VM inside. It’s just moved under a new title with a new tag.