Virtual Router KVM

Please, describe, how to configure virtual router from market for using dhcp for VM’s.
And is it right , that i create two bridges, the first for vm, second for link in host and router in ON?

i understood how to do it and realized this with router os. if necessary for anybody, i can publish short “how to”

Definitely. Please do. it would help the community

I have situation for test opennebula.

  • OpenNebula with white static IP (for example
  • Mikrotik with another IP (for example and his local IP
  • KVM node in local network with IP
    My task was to create another local network in OpenNebula with the help of router os

In the begining I create 2 bridge in the KVM node:
the first one for connecting VM to local network
the second one for connecting virtual router to network

We create virtual router with 2 interfaces: local and internet.
At first i edited local interface (gave pool of local addreses and turned on dhcp )
Than wrote nat rule masquarade from ON local network to internet interface.
As i remeber in internet interface i set up only IP address

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Hi @1115

How meny NIC do you have on KVM node?