Image Upload via Sunstone on Slave Cluster


It seems as though I cannot upload an image via sunstone on my slave HA zone, whereas I can on my master HA zone. Is this by design, or do I have a config error?


Hello @IowaOrganics

What error do you get when you try to upload the image?

Oh sorry, I should have been more descriptive. I am talking about selecting the “Upload” radio button in the “create image” menu within sunstone. On my master HA zone I can select the button no problem with OS image selected in the “type” dropdown. Whereas on the slave ha zone, the radio has a red circle with a slash through it.


It is harder to tell in this pic since I am not capturing the mouse, but the button is “greyed out”.

In HA you should make all the operations in the master, because the changes will be replicated in the slaves. That’s why the button is grayed out in the slave.

And related with storage, you should have shared storage, so if you upload the image in the master, you should see it in the slaves.


My use case is to allow group admins to manage their own images in the zone’s image datastore, how can I achieve this? Ceph client on the master zone nodes + acl with management of images for the group admin?

I have seen weird behavior with upload button enabling disabling based on the users’ default endpoint. Will try to lock down reproducing it shortly.

Hello @IowaOrganics

Are you talking about a zone in a federation which is in HA mode?