Import large existing VM images

If I have a bunch of KVM images in QCOW2 format that i want to bring into OpenNebula how might i got about doing that?
I have setup a datastore to point to the NFS share where everything currently lives, this NFS share is mounted on each of my KVM hosts(called /nfs)

I’d like to just associate the exiting images with OpenNebula then create some VM’s based on them. They will all be persistent images as most of them are Windows Server’s

When I add a new image using Sunstone OpenNebula seems to insist on copying the image(VERY slowly) from the existing location (/nfs/VMs/VMDisk1.qcow2) to it’s own directory at /nfs/107/0ad4b4a5a7ee73295a7ceb1e205f1536

Can I tell OpenNebula NOT to copy these images(Which total >2TB in total) and just use them in place?


You can tell OpenNebula to use the existing images with the SOURCE attribute. This is not supported from the sunstone wizard, you need to use a template file or the –source option from the CLI.

When using SOURCE, you also need to provide the SIZE manually. OpenNebula will not try to detect the file size.

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