Can I import and re-use VM images from an already existing datastore?


I have just installed a fresh Opennebula on a new machine. Can I somehow import the images from the datastore folder of another Opennebula installation and re-use them for my VMs. The images are all persistent.



if both machines are in a cluster, you cold migrate the VMs. Otherwise you could create a new VM and replace the disk file (never tried that). I once created a qcow file and imported it as a new image and created a template for it. AFAIK there is no export/import function. Copying the datastore might fail - I assume, that the database is not updated with records for the VM.



I think I have found out that it is possible to import a VM image. Go to Images, click + to add new, choose upload and that’s it. The only difficulty is that there is no obvious way to know which image belonged to which VM. At least, not an easy way. Maybe Opennebula should address this somehow. Like, when you open an image’s properties it wouldn’t hurt if the file name was shown there. What do you think?