Import existing disks available in shared storage to fresh installed opennebula

I am having VM’s images (deployment.0, deployment.1, disk.0, disk.1) in shared storage. How can i re-use those VMs in freshly installed opennebula system? please guide.

You need first to register the images into OpenNebula. Once registered, you’ll need to create a VM Template referring the newly registered images as the VM Template disks. The deployment.* files from previous installations cannot be imported.

Another option would be to instantiate the VM in the hypervisor using virsh create, using the deployment.* files as arguments, wait for an OpenNebula monitoring cycle and import the resulting Wild VMs. We however recommend the former.

Thanks Javi,

I had tried 1st option and i am able to import the image. but using this method, I have to register all images and then template and then instantiate the VM. i.e. all my old images need to be register.

while i tried to go with 2nd option and using command " virsh create deploymemnt.0" after executing, it is showing in virsh list ouput, but I am not able to see that in wild VMs… please suggest.

sorry for injecting the topic but i have the same problem.
I choose to use the 1st option which register old instance’s disk as image however after the instances init, how can I remove all the images (which are very large > 100G and consume a lot of disk)?
Thank you.