Installation Clarification, Please

Hello Everyone,

   I already have 3 servers running with Ubuntu Server 14.0.4 with KVM on them with VMs running on each of them. I was wondering about the install instructions located [here][1] . Where do I install the frontend? By that, I mean do I Install it right on the host (The one I want to be the master?) I am supposing the nodes will be installed on the other two hosts, correct? 

Thank you in advance

you can either, install the front-end in one of the nodes and use it as
well to run VMs (opennebula host) or install the front-end in a VM running
in one of the nodes. In any case, it is better to configure the three nodes
as opennebula hosts and not devote one of them to just host the front-end

Thank you Ruben, I was not thinking to run it on the host soley, I was just wondering where it could be installed the other thing is I was seeing a shared NFS volume and was confused not sure why that is necessary, Thank you for the information I appreciate it.