OpenNebula frontend and node in one server


I have one server which I want to setup OpenNebula. For OpenNebula to work, the frontend and nodes need to be in two servers for the production environment which I don’t have. So is it possible to deploy all in one server? if yes, can anyone share any resources with me explaining how to do that.
I have seen some threads about this topic but I could not find what I wanted.
One more thing, One can find in the docs the minimum required specification for OpenNebula frontend. what are the specs for OpenNebula nodes? which one of them should I give more resources if I have to choose between them.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @mbile

Yes, you can have frontend and node in the same server, although this is not recommended for a production environment.

To achieve this, you need to do the following:

  • Install all frontend and node packages in the same server.
  • Configure passwordless ssh connection to localhost.
  • Add localhost as a host in OpenNebula (onehost create localhost -i kvm -v kvm)
  • Wait until host is in ON state.

For nodes there are no minimum specs, it depends on your necessities. OpenNebula will monitor the host and will use the available resources, so if there are less resources you will be able to launch less VMs than if there are more resources.