What is downside of having front-end and node on same machine !?

Hi there i have a powerful HP server :

ProLiant DL380 Gen9
2x Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2690 v4 @ 2.60GHz
512 GB 2400 MHz Memory
Connected to a MSA Storage over 2x 8GB Fiber

I want to use opennebula and manage my server,
I don’t have any other machine to separate my front-end ,
What is the downside of having both in same machine and separating them later on until i have another machine !?
How hard is it to move front-end later on if it’s possible ?!

My server is going to used in production , it’s not a test

Thanks in advance

You just can run opennebula frontend in a virtual machine on that single host. You can migrate that vm later if you wish. So no downside.

I agree that the best way to run the frontend on a host machine is in its own VM, particularly if one plans to someday move the frontend elsewhere. Putting the OpenNebula frontend daemons on the host OS itself would probably work but disentangling the two functions later could be a messy task.

However, there is a basic downside to running a VM for the frontend alongside managed VMs in one host: you make both the frontend and the managed VMs dependent on each other behaving well, unless you set strict and carefully considered resource limits on each.

Thanks for the reply, Does that mean I have to install Node KVM on my Host and create a Virtual Machine using Commands, then installing front-end inside that machine !?

If that’s the solution, which part of documentation I have to follow to get info on how to create and run a VM using CLI?

I’m completely new to KVM coming from AZURE but I’m learning fast :blush:

thanks for explantion
really help

Hello, just note, when you machine goes down for whatever reason, your VMs doesn’t come up automatically. You have to start it manually via Opennebula frontend. You can of course write some hook script, which autostarts it, when they are detected poweroff