Introducing addon-sshagent - a ssh-agent service configuration for OpenNebula


At is my interpretation how to setup a ssh-agent service for OpenNebula on the front end, following the final note at the end of Step 4(Configure Passwordless SSH) of the KVM Node Installation guide.

The idea is to define a ssh-agent service that will be started automatically when the opennebula service is started and provide a ssh-agent socket at a predefined hard-coded path. Exporting the SSH_AUTH_SOCK variable to the environment will guarantee that the ssh sessions initiated by the OpenNebula modules will use the socket to use and forward the ssh-agent loaded credentials to the hosts.
In ~oneadmin/.ssh/config I am dropping a line to tell the ssh client to load the ssh keys to the agent. This should work for all default keys recognizable by the ssh.

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Anton Todorov

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It looks like I’ve forgot to push the actual files to github :flushed:

Everything is in place now.

Please excuse me for the confusion.

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Anton Todorov

Very nice work, @atodorov_storpool! We are tracking this FR in #2152. Eventually we can talk there about incorporating work into OpenNebula.

Great news! Many thanks for your contribution, @atodorov_storpool :slight_smile:

@amarti, @vholer,

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve answered in the FR thread.

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Anton Todorov

Hi everyone!

This has been solved in #2152 by the new opennebula-ssh-agent service with various changes accross ONE repo. The SSH agent will be part of the upcoming v.5.12 - so look forward to it! :wink:

Thank you all for your contributions! :muscle: