Invitation to submit talks to Incontro DevOps Italia

Dear Opennebula community,

It would be nice to have someone talk about opennenbula and/or related use cases at the Devops Italia meeting. We would like to invite you to submit a talk proposal to the Incontro DevOps Italia (DevOps Italia Meetup)

The 2015 edition (IDI2015) has been the largest Italian DevOps meetup to date, featuring around 200 attendees, with speakers coming from major players in the field, such as Facebook and Microsoft.

In order to further extend our audience and to create a bridge between the Italian and the international DevOps communities, IDI2016 will feature keynotes and talks in English, plus a “community track” in Italian.

To foster the participation of non-Italian speakers, we are willing to provide some expense reimbursement (two nights at a local hotel) to speakers asking for it. We may be able to provide larger expense coverage, but we cannot quantify it at the moment, since it will depend on the amount of sponsorship that we will get.

IDI2016 will take place in Bologna[1], on April 1st, 2016 (no, it’s not a joke).

We think it will be a good opportunity to give further visibility to your projects and to do some networking with the fast-growing Italian DevOps community.

For your submission, or for further info, you can contact the organizing committee via email at See also

We hope to have primed your interest and that you will be with us.

All the best,

IDI2016 organizing committee

[1] Bologna is located in northern Italy, it is a nice place to be, and it also is extremely well-connected both to major Italian cities and to major European airports. For example, Milan is 1h away, Florence 30’, Rome 2h15’ by train.