IPAM driver example

Hi !

I would like to start a new IPAM driver to do the glue between OpenNebula and PowerDNS, but I cannot find any example driver (except dummy) on the internet…
Is there really nobody who share this or I’m just missing something ? I’m probably not the first one to need it.


Nicolas B

I’m surprised that there are not more conversations around this.topic. I have been searching for hours and seeing very little on this topic. The documentation is fairly sparse in regards to the IPAM driver as well. We are looking to integrate with InfloBox DDI for our environment.

Can someone point to some useful links that would expedite the research? I am hoping that there might already be some community or vendor supplied for the major players in the IPAM market.

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Hello Christina,

I’ve finally wrote my IPAM driver. It’s not open source but I can share my work with you. I will push it on GitHub.

This is an IPAM driver with powerdns and it works very well in my company.

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Thank you Niicolas! That would be very helpful I’m sure. A working example would go along way to moving forward, even it is for another type of endpoint!

I mean, I wasn’t even sure what my starting point would be, other then familiarizing myself with the Infoblox DDI rest api’s. It is appearing that ‘‘tis is going to take quite a bit longer than I had anticipated to integrate IPAM. :slight_smile:

I’m open-sourcing our code at leboncoin. This is the repository : https://github.com/leboncoin/opennebula-drivers