IPv6 network setup

Hi! I try to setup IPv6 network in Opennebula. Have probkem with [VirtualNetworkAllocate] Wrong format for IP6 global address prefix. I set “/64” and “64” what I do wrong?

Hi Anton,
I’m not sure but reviewing some examples I think that OpenNebula would be expecting an IPv6 global prefix in a form like this: 2004:A128::32. 64 or /64 are not possible values.

Hope it helps!

Thanks! I think I need read more manuals, but I don’t understand what Opennebula mean - GLOBAL_PREFIX - A /64 globally routable prefix. I can’t find any GLOBAL_PREFIX in IPv6 manuals.

Hi Anton!
Yes you’re right the “A /64 globally routable prefix” may not be self explanatory. Have a look at [Solved] Help setting up an ipv6 virtual network maybe you can use it to configure your IPv6 network.

We can try to find what works and edit the documentation in GitHub so it’s clearer for new users!


Hi UAnton,

Cloud you share your network configure for IPv6? I think I have the same issue. I have a range IPv6 2401:5f80:5001:1::/64 and I want to assign it to VM, example 2401:5f80:5001:1::1, 2401:5f80:5001:1::E. But when I assign 2401:5f80:5001:1:: to GLOBAL_PREFIX and size set to 32, I got IPv6 with format prefix+fe:ff+… (IPv6 EUI-64 bit address).


ipv6 address (128Bit) = provider /64 network (64 bit) + generated from MAC (64 bit)

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Thank you for your hint. Our ISP don’t allow IPV6 AUTOCONF and only allow static IPv6, example 2401:5f80:5001:1::1. I will check again with our ISP.