[Solved] Help setting up an ipv6 virtual network


I guess i need help setting up an ipv6 virtual network. I was not able so far to assign a ipv6 address to a vm. Here is what i did so far:

I would expect a vm to get the IP 2001:41d0:2:abb4::101.But it does not. It gets 2001:41d0:2:abb4:400:daff:fe29:6cf3. Someone has an idea how to fix that?

thanks and cheers

Also i am not sure what is meant by “Global prefix” and “ULA prefix” under the Addresses section. The context section is not clear to me too. “Network address” is the address i wish to assign the VM? Netmask is 64 for example?

thanks for any hints

Mount your context CD from the inside of the VM, and look at the contents of the context.sh file there. It might be that ONe has set up things correctly, but the network configuration scripts of your guest OS use a stateless IPv6 configuration (get the prefix from the router advertisement packets, and set up the local part - the lowest 64 bits - based on the MAC address or whatever).

ULA are “unique local addresses”, rough equivalent of IPv4 private addresses (,,


I seem to have it working now. Thanks for your answer Jan.