Issue: Upgrade from to 6.2


I have this plan: (Single frontend)

  • ONE CE —> Upgrade to ONE CE 6.2

I followed this step: Upgrading Single Front-end Deployments — OpenNebula 6.2.0 documentation

I have installed the migration packages
And all packages has been upgraded to 6.2.0.

# rpm -qa|grep opennebula

But I’ve facing issue when run onedb upgrade

$ onedb upgrade 6.2.0
MySQL dump stored in /var/lib/one/mysql_localhost_opennebula_2022-1-28_16:40:27.sql
Use 'onedb restore' or restore the DB using the mysql command:
mysql -u user -h server -P port db_name < backup_file

>>> Running migrators for shared tables
Database already uses version 5.12.0

>>> Running migrators for local tables
Database already uses version 5.12.0

ERROR: Database upgrade to the latest versions (local 5.12.0, shared 5.12.0)
wasn't successful due to missing migration descriptors. Migrators are
provided as part of Enterprise Edition for customers with active subscription.
For community with non-commercial deployments they are provided via a
dedicated migration package, which must be obtained separately.

The database will be restored
MySQL DB opennebula at localhost restored

My current DB version:

# onedb version
Shared: 5.12.0
Local:  5.12.0
Required shared version: 6.2.0
Required local version:  6.2.0

Update required. Expected DB version is:
Local:  6.2.0
Shared: 6.2.0

Please assist, what may be wrong with my step. Thank you.


Hi @vholer could you please give assist about this?

Thank you.

The provided migrators for 6.2 CE (i.e., those in opennebula-migration-community package obtained on explicit request) are IMHO only from OpenNebula 6.0 to 6.2. So there are no other version migrators available in your deployment, which is the reason why you can’t upgrade database from 5.12.

You need to upgrade your front-end incrementally. I.e., first update your to latest previous stable CE release, which is, and do the database upgrade. After that, update to 6.2.0 CE with community migration package and now the failing database migration should proceed.


Many thanks for stepping in, @vholer :slight_smile:
@Harry_Suryapambagya here you have some useful links: CE Patch Release is Available! - OpenNebula

Hi @vholer , thank you for your insight.
Yes, it’s works. I need to upgrade to first, and then go to 6.2. Now my ONE is upgraded.

Thank you for the assistance @amarti @vholer

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