Upgrade from 5.12 to problem with onedb


I have successfully upgrade from 5.12 to There is just one issue, onedb upgrade gives me this:
onedb upgrade
Sqlite database backup stored in /var/lib/one/one.db_2021-6-18_10:0:33.bck
Use ‘onedb restore’ to restore the DB.

Running migrators for shared tables
Database already uses version 5.12.0

Running migrators for local tables
Database already uses version 5.12.0

ERROR: Database upgrade to the latest versions (local 5.12.0, shared 5.12.0)
wasn’t successful due to missing migration descriptors. Migrators are
provided as part of Enterprise Edition for customers with active subscription.
For community with non-commercial deployments they are provided via a
dedicated migration package, which must be obtained separately.

All packages are succesfully upgraded:
docker-machine-opennebula/stable amd64
libopennebula-java/stable all
libopennebula-java-doc/stable all
opennebula/stable,now amd64 [installed]
opennebula-common/stable,now all [installed,automatic]
opennebula-common-onecfg/stable,now all [installed,automatic]
opennebula-context/bionic 4.14.0-1 all
opennebula-dbgsym/stable amd64
opennebula-fireedge/stable amd64
opennebula-flow/stable,now all [installed]
opennebula-gate/stable,now all [installed]
opennebula-guacd/stable amd64
opennebula-libs/stable,now all [installed,automatic]
opennebula-lxd-snap/stable amd64
opennebula-node/bionic 4.12.3+dfsg-3.1build1 all [residual-config]
opennebula-node-firecracker/stable amd64
opennebula-node-kvm/stable,now all [installed]
opennebula-node-lxc/stable amd64
opennebula-node-lxd/stable amd64
opennebula-provision/stable all
opennebula-provision-data/stable all
opennebula-rubygems/stable,now all [installed,automatic]
opennebula-sunstone/stable,now all [installed]
opennebula-tools/stable,now all [installed,automatic]
ruby-opennebula/bionic 4.12.3+dfsg-3.1build1 all

I have followed this guide:
as well as this one:

But I am stuck on the onedb upgrade.


I have the same problem