Upgrade on debian 10 from 6.4 to 6.6 -- database upgrade not working

I upgraded from 6.4 to 6.6 by simply updating the sources.list on our server and running apt update && apt dist-upgrade.
I tried upgrading the database as well as usual:

$ onedb upgrade
MySQL dump stored in /var/lib/one/mysql_localhost_opennebula_2023-9-8_16:4:0.sql
Use ‘onedb restore’ or restore the DB using the mysql command:
mysql -u user -h server -P port db_name < backup_file

Running migrators for shared tables
Database already uses version 6.4.0

Running migrators for local tables
Database already uses version 6.4.0

ERROR: Database upgrade to the latest versions (local 6.4.0, shared 6.4.0)
wasn’t successful due to missing migration descriptors. Migrators are
provided as part of Enterprise Edition for customers with active subscription.
For community with non-commercial deployments they are provided via a
dedicated migration package, which must be obtained separately.

The database will be restored
MySQL DB opennebula at localhost restored.

This is true: the 6.2.0_to_6.4.0.rb and similar files from the previous versions cannot be found anywhere in /usr. Moreover, I looked at the sources in the debian repo (opennebula_6.6.0.orig.tar.gz), and they seem to be missing from there as well.

This would, of course, not be a problem if oned started, but it does not:

$ oned -f
Database version mismatch. Check oned.log.

$ tail /var/log/one/oned.log-20230908-1694182357
Fri Sep 8 16:12:32 2023 [Z0][ONE][I]: Log level:3 [0=ERROR,1=WARNING,2=INFO,3=DEBUG,4=DDEBUG,5=DDDEBUG]
Fri Sep 8 16:12:32 2023 [Z0][ONE][I]: Support for xmlrpc-c > 1.31: yes
Fri Sep 8 16:12:32 2023 [Z0][ONE][I]: Using hostname: stratus
Fri Sep 8 16:12:32 2023 [Z0][ONE][I]: Set up 25 DB connections using encoding utf8
Fri Sep 8 16:12:32 2023 [Z0][ONE][I]: Using 10.3.39-mariadb-0+deb10u1 (100339) with:
Fri Sep 8 16:12:32 2023 [Z0][ONE][I]: FTS enabled
Fri Sep 8 16:12:32 2023 [Z0][ONE][I]: Checking database version.
Fri Sep 8 16:12:32 2023 [Z0][ONE][E]: Database version mismatch ( local_db_versioning). Installed OpenNebula 6.6.0 (b7b662b5) needs DB version ‘6.6.0’, and existing DB version is ‘6.4.0’.
Fri Sep 8 16:12:32 2023 [Z0][ONE][E]: Use onedb to upgrade DB.

So, I am quite stuck here.

  • Is the lack of database upgrade scripts intentional?
  • If yes, please point to me to the preferred database upgrade method!

I will now downgrade to 6.4, and hope opennebula keeps working as before…

This is mentioned in the DB upgrade step. Basically you have to go here if you want to go from 6.4 to 6.6.