Missing migration descriptors for 6.4.0 ce


I’m upgrading from to 6.4.0. I have upgraded the related packages and
installed the opennebula-migration-community package however when I try to upgrade the database
I’m getting this error

Version read:
Shared tables 6.0.0 : Database migrated from 5.12.0 to 6.0.0 (OpenNebula 6.0.0) by onedb command.
Local tables 6.0.0 : Database migrated from 5.12.0 to 6.0.0 (OpenNebula 6.0.0) by onedb command.

Running migrators for shared tables
Database already uses version 6.0.0

Running migrators for local tables
Database already uses version 6.0.0

ERROR: Database upgrade to the latest versions (local 6.0.0, shared 6.0.0)
wasn’t successful due to missing migration descriptors. Migrators are
provided as part of Enterprise Edition for customers with active subscription.
For community with non-commercial deployments they are provided via a
dedicated migration package, which must be obtained separately.

Is it possible to upgrade from to 6.4.0?
Am I missing something?


Hi Jaime,

It looks like there are some migrators missing.

Did you request the migrators from 6.2 to 6.4?

Hi Tino,

how many migrators should I request?

I filled in the form and this is the package I have downloaded



That should be enough. It seems however that you are missing migrators for 6.0->6.2, which means you need to upgrade first to CE, and then proceed with the upgrade to 6.4.0 CE.

Hi Tino,

thanks for your reply however, when you fill in the form, how can you specify
the migrators version you need?


Hi @jaimeibar,

You only need to request the Migrators (via Get Migration Packages for Latest CE Release - OpenNebula – Open Source Cloud & Edge Computing Platform) if you want to upgrade to the latest version (6.4 now), as those are only for EE customers and non-commercial CE deployments (see Release Policy · OpenNebula/one Wiki · GitHub for more info).

To upgrade to the previous version (6.2), you can just use its latest CE Patch Release, which comes with the open sourced migrators already: CE Patch Release is Available

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @amarti ,

it’s not possible to upgrade from 6.0 to 6.4 then, right?

As trying to do so gives you the migration package error I mentioned in previous post


Directly, no. You need to upgrade to first, then you can upgrade to 6.4.0 as you have the migrator package for it.

Hi @KarlAustin ,

thanks for your reply.

After upgrading to I could upgrade to version 6.4.0 with no issues.