K8s appliance for Debian and LXD

Hello. I have updated official k8s appliance to be able to be run on Debian-based systems. Tested with Debian Buster (both host and vm) on LXD.

Installation is rather straightforward, create a minimal Debian (Ubuntu?) image, add contextualization, place appliance files to /etc/one-appliance/ and run /etc/one-appliance/service install. If everything went smooth, pack the image and reuse it with your k8s template.

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Hello divanikus,

This looks really slick! Thanks for pulling this together and sharing it with the community. I think if you’d be willing to draft a simple blog post, outlining what you’ve done and how to best use it, we could publish this on the OpenNebula.org website and try to get some more eyes on this. I’d be willing to work with you, if you need help.

Well done.