Kubernetes integration plans?

Hello OpenNebula core devs, I like to ask about k8s integration plans. I see, there is some appliance and also plans for better integration with OneFlow. I understand that there can be problems with upgrading k8s, and even appliance doesn’t support multi-master mode.

Last days I took a look into k8s and OpenShift and found out, that there are cluster-api and cluster-api-drivers. From what I read about it, I think it is the best way to write cluster-api-driver-opennebula and orchestrate VMs in OpenNebula cloud by k8s itself. K8s can manage at their own deploying VMs, private networks, gateways to the internet, autoscaling, and so on via driver and XML-RPC api.

What do you think about that? Are there already plans to write cluster-api driver? Or you want to continue by appliance way, which from my point of view, is not an enterprise solution.

Hi Kristian,

Thanks for the heads up. We evaluated the cluster-api approach and seems more promising that the other options to enable k8s to deploy clusters using OpenNebula. We are also planning to implement a virtual kubelet for OpenNebula, probably we’ll offer the two possibilities.

We are planning these developments for next major release, scheduled towards the end of 2020. However this is not a commitment from our side since it has to be weighted against another needed features.


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Can you please confirm if OpenNebula is actually implementing “virtual kubelet”? When will this support be available to customers?

Gentle reminder on the above question. I would like to know what is the committed roadmap of OpenNebula wrt implementing a “virtual kubelet” provider?


Is OpenNebula planning to implement a cluster API provider for OpenNebula ? That will help us to quickly deploy K8s clusters on OpenNebula at scale…Thoughts?

Gentle reminder…

Looks like no, they take other way with k8s appliance