OpenNebula on a single bare-metal Server

Hello OpenNebula Community!

We are currently working on a project which involves running OpenNebula on a single bare-metal Server to provision Kubernetes clusters for academic usage. We have some know-how about Kubernetes but are new to KVM and Opennebula.

First of we would like to know if running OpenNebula on a single server (frontend, KVM-host) is actually possible? There are no cloud-providers involved, as the server will only be accessible in the client’s internal network.

Now if it is possible, we’d like to know how we best setup the virtual networks and which network-bridging technology to use.

We were able to install the frontend and KVM-host on the server and instantiated multiple VMs but never were able to connect to them.

Since OpenNebula provides it’s own K8s-distribution (OneKE) we were planning on using it for this project. The documentation however states, that it’s mainly used in combination with a cloud provider but could it also be used as standalone cluster on our bare-metal server?

We appreciate your help and thank you in advance.

Kind regards,