Private bare-metal deployment


We’re looking for a VDI solution and are evaluating OpenNebula for this. We have our own HP servers and have no need/use of cloud providers. Currently, our HP servers run VMware ESXi and are controlled by a vSphere vCenter. I’ve read there’s integration between OpenNebula and VMware but we’d prefer not to do that. Instead, we’re looking if OpenNebula can be installed on our bare-metal HPs?

All “bare-metal” results in the search seem to point to having a need to have Packet or AWS. Am I correct in assuming that OpenNebula does not support private bare-metal deployment?

A similar question back in 2022 hasn’t been answered.

Can anyone point us in the right direction please?

Hi @M_Anon! Have you looked at the concept of “On-premise Edge Cluster” in Automatic Cluster Deployment — OpenNebula 6.8.0 documentation?