Kernel Level Virtualization with Windows and Ubuntu

Hey Everyone,

Im an amateur programmer whos gonna go to college. I intended to build a high performance server for myself, which would allow me to run Windows and Ubuntu simultaneously. I will be using Windows for Music Production and Gaming and Ubuntu for everything else. I believe Virtualization is the solution and Kernel Level Virtualization would be the most optimum method to employ. I did a search online and I came across OpenVZ which meets two of my requirements
Kernel Level Virtualization (for optimum performance)
Dynamic Resource Allocation based on requirements of the OS

However, OpenVZ is not recommended if I were to use Windows. Now, I want squeeze the very best from the system, so I need the most minimal and efficient Virtualization. I dont mind getting my hands dirty with code. I even went through Desktop Virtualization Video, but wasnt satisfied with the information.

So any ideas?

Thank you.

It seems for me off top for OpenNebula forum. But in my opinion why wouldn’t try to run WIndows on your server (assuiming that tasks you are going to use WIndows OS for are most resources consuming) and upon a necessity run virtual machine (e.g. based on VirtualBox) with Ubuntu OS.