Large Deployment - Sunstone TMPDIR for uploads in Passanger

Hi Guys,

I would still consider being fairly new to OpenNebula compared to some of the veterans and as I am experimenting with setting up things as for a “Large Deployment”, I am struggling to find information on TMPDIR.
Basically, I am still running into problems with uploading images via Sunstone.

The docs state following:

If you want to upload files to OpenNebula, you will have to share the upload directory (/var/tmp by default) between sunstone and oned. Some server do not take into account the TMPDIR env var and this directory must be defined in the configuration file, for example in Passenger (client_body_temp_path)

I have gone on to NFS mount the same directory for both Sunstone and ONED servers (/var/tmp/one_tmp)…
Then defined in /etc/one/sunstone-server.conf ‘tmpdir’ as /var/tmp/one_tmp.
Made sure changes are taken in and services are using these…

I do not understand what the process of defining ‘client_body_temp_path’ is nor do I understand the purpose if the directory is practically (shared) same.

Would you please help me clarify the process of setting this up?
If not, would you please be able to point me into the right direction so perhaps I can find out more about this?