Ldap users in oneadmin group don't get the admin view

Is it expected that core users in the oneadmin group display the full admin ui. but an ldap user in the same group get the display from the user.yaml view instead of admin.yaml view?

Did I configure something wrong regarding LDAP in sunstone?

I still have the issue where LDAP admins don’t see the admin UI. Does anyone know if this is a bug, intentional, or a misconfiguration?

Could you send us the output of these commands:
onegroup show $GROUP_ID -x
oneuser show $USER_ID -x

This user can’t see the system menu, hosts etc. if I convert him to a core user he can see them. some data in the info below anonymized.

#> oneuser show 2 -x
        <SSH_PUBLIC_KEY><![CDATA[ssh-rsa AAAA......key material........]]></SSH_PUBLIC_KEY>

# onegroup show 0 -x

Hi Jeff,

The problem is this attribute in the user template:

If you change it to admin you will see the admin view. You can do it from the CLI or from the Settings wizard in Sunstone.

Ah, ok I didn’t appreciate that the setting was for more than cloud vs user view. thanks.