MacVTap driver for vnm/one

Hi all,

In order to add VEPA support to my OpenNebula installation I have started to develop a MacVTap driver for OpenNebula.

However, I am encountering some problems: Contrary to what is being said in the documentation, my vnm drivers are not located in /var/lib/remotes/vnm but rather in /var/tmp/. This does not seem to be right, and the driver files (pre, post, …) are being replaced every time a new VM is being created.

Can someone enlighten me about what is happening with the vnm driver in my case?



The driver files should be placed in /var/lib/one/remotes/vnm/<drivername> on the front-end (where oned is running). Then they are transferred to /var/tmp/one/* when a hypervisor created or manually with the command onevm sync --force (must be executed as oneadmin user).

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Anton todorov

hey, did you have success with your driver?


Just noticed I misquoted here…

@MarcL did you have success with your macvtap driver?
Anything where one can help you?

I’ve looked at the options with my SolarFlare NICs and macvtap looks a lot better and easier to maintain than SR-IOV. I’d love it if both would work in OpenNebula.

Has anyone able to add Macvlan in bridge mode to Opennebula VMs, Has anyone used Raw data to add the macvlan interface to the VM.

Kiran Ranjane

Anyone using macvlan in opennebula?