Marketplace "cleanup"

Hi folks,

In order to give the best user experience in OpenNebula, we have decided to drop most of the appliances in the marketplace which haven’t been maintained. This includes appliances both from OpenNebula Systems and appliances contributed from the Community.

Here is the list of appliances that will be dropped:

  • CoreOS alpha
  • VyOS 1.1.5 Helium 64 bits
  • Vrouter Load Balancer Alpine - KVM
  • boot2docker

If you want to update any of the appliances, please give us a shout.


Hello @mabdou, Vrouter Load Balancer Appliance is related to this contributtion and feature request from Jan 2017, but nothing done at OpenNebula side, just postponing feature from milestone 5.6, to 5.8 and now to 5.10. I think, that Load Ballancer functionality in cloud is needed and should be somehow implemented. My actual implementation have some limitations and probably should be refactored, but I also need cooperation from your side.

Hello @feldsam , we are aware of our debt with the virtual router. We are still in a process of planning what features are feasible to deliver in 5.10, so we still can’t promise anything. For the missing features on the side of contextualization scripts, we would be happy to merge these your changes. The important thing is that they have to be implemented the same as the rest of the scripts (i.e., just bash scripts).

Hi, I understand that the use of PHP is not desired, but even if I rewrite it to bash, then there is one significant drawback of use contextualization scripts: load balancer targets or options can’t be changed on the fly. Virtual Router with Load Balancer functionality should be able in real-time read from XML-RPC API and reflect changes made by a user.