Migrate VM on host crash


I use Ceph for shared storage and cephfs for system store. I have not setup the hosts in a cluster.

Is there some way that I can setup a per VM auto recover function when a host is in failor ?
Is there som API call that I can call from my monitoring that gets trickered if a host is down together with a given VM to automaticly migrate + start the lost VM on a running host.


  • Karsten

Hi Karsten,

I think, vm hooks can solve your problem.
Refer http://docs.opennebula.org/4.12/integration/infrastructure_integration/hooks.html


As @thomasalrin said, you can use a hook for that.
The fault tolerance hook included in oned.conf has a -m option to do exactly that: migrate VMs to a new host when a host reaches the failure state.

# Fault Tolerance Hooks
# This hook is used to perform recovery actions when a host fails.
# Script to implement host failure tolerance
#   It can be set to
#           -m migrate VMs to another host. Only for images in shared storage
#           -r recreate VMs running in the host. State will be lost.
#           -d delete VMs running in the host
#   Additional flags
#           -f force resubmission of suspended VMs
#           -p <n> avoid resubmission if host comes
#                  back after n monitoring cycles

    name      = "error",
    on        = "ERROR",
    command   = "ft/host_error.rb",
    arguments = "$ID -m -p 5",
    remote    = "no" ]
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Are these hook options “-m” for migrate, available in one4.8 also?

No, the migrate option was introduced in ONE 4.10

I know it has been a while, but thanks for your repsons.