Missing "import" button from Sunstone templates & network menus

I am just curious here.

User guide for 5.0 says there should be sunstone “import” command for VM templates and virtual networks. Import from vcenter that is.
But there is no such thing in the GUI. I can work through CLI that’s fine, but sometimes it is nicer to use the GUI and frankly it makes sense to have it in there.

Is this an error in the manual, was there in older versions, now it’s gone for some reason?

Hi Bojan!
that’s a good one for new users. In Sunstone, click on your user name (top-right). A drop-down menu will be shown. Then click on views and then you can click on the view admin_vcenter. Voilà you have the import options ready to go for VM, templates, networks… just what you can do with the CLI.

As vCenter is not the prefered hypervisor for every user, Sunstone has views so different/specific functionalities are only shown to those that are interested on them.


I have noticed these views but only tried more simple ones, cloud etc… It is great to have this option to change views without re-logging.
The more I use ONE the more I like it…

Thanks man (again)!

You’re welcome! I’m also playing with VCenter so don’t hesitate to share your doubts they are really helpful.