Imported vcenter vm NICs don't appear

Hi there,

When we import a vm from vcenter the NICs do not show in the sunstone GUI.

Here is a VM that we have imported:

You can see in the screenshot that ONE does pick up the IP address of the system via the vmware tools.

And here is that VM’s NIC details in vcenter:

ONE will show us the NICs that have been added using sunstone, but not those that were on the VM when they were imported.

We import the VMs on command line (we have this scheduled).

Thanks for any assistance!

NICs present in the vCenter VM Template won’t be honored by OpenNebula:

From the documentation:

vCenter VM Templates can define their own NICs, which OpenNebula cannot manage. However, any NIC added in the OpenNebula VM Template, or through the attach_nic operation, will be handled by OpenNebula, and as such it is subject to be detached and its informatin (IP, MAC, etc) is known by OpenNebula.