New VM From Template not changing Network

First off - brand new to OpenNebula, only used it a few days but loving what I’m seeing.

We use VSphere/ESX hosts and have them imported into OpenNebula. We have a vDS with multiple VPG’s, each with its own VLAN settings. We imported two VPG’s into OpenNebula.

I have a Windows 2012 template in vCenter that has a NIC that is assigned to the VPG-bootstrap network. This template was imported into OpenNebula.

When I instantiate a new VM from this template, I want the NIC on the VPG-DevPortal network, so I changed the NIC to VPG-DevPortal during instantiation. The VM is brought up successfully, OpenNebula reports that it’s on VPG-DevPortal, but vCenter shows it’s still on VPG-bootstrap.

Wondering why it didn’t change the NIC’s network. I have no problem reconfiguring the CPU and memory. Just the network.



vSphere 6.5
OpenNebula 5.4.1