VM images and NIC Interfaces details does't be imported on new 5.4 version


On New 5.4 version, after importing VM from vCenter, Go to Instances–>VM and click on the VM to show details. On the Storage and NIC Tabs both show nothing about images and NIC attached respectively. But on the previous 5.3.85, both can show details about images and nic attachment.

Regards /Jeff Wong

This functionality has been disabled in the final version due to unexpected problems, future versions of OpenNebula will bring this functionality.

Are these features enabled next release?

2017年7月28日 16:55 於 “Tino Vazquez” opennebula@discoursemail.com 寫道:

Hi Jeff,

We’ll work to bring back this feature for wild VMs in the next release. You should have no issue with fresh VMs started directly from OpenNebula.



With the NIC tab empty, when I power on a VM from OpenNebula, it removes the original NIC from the virtual machine in vcenter (reconfigures the vm).

How can I disable this?.


The problem may be caused because the NIC is connected to a distributed switch. We are working to add support to distributed switches in the next release: