vCenter VM imported without VNC support


I try to enable VNC for VM’s already installed before imported to opennebula, but no success.

I added this config to an old VM :

remotedisplay.vnc.enabled true


remotedisplay.vnc.port 5997

But i don’t see VNC enabled on opennebula.

Can someone tell me if this is possible ?


Imported VMs in vCenter do not support VNC, we have updated the documentation to state the limitation, and opened a ticket to keep track of the solution:

Great news,

I suppose another issue regarding VNC will be to not force you to delete all VM's from opennebula and import again for enable VNC,  if VM's was imported into opennbula from vCenter without VNC.
  • Imported VM’s are assigned to User (delete VM and import suppose to resign VM to the user)