Missing one-context package

Hello Devs of OpenNebula:

Problably you have already seen this, but the contextualization is not available in the repo folders. I checked from 4.8 to 4.12 folders of the repo for Ubuntu and you are missing the one-context.deb file in all of them, therefore the option to ‘apt-get’ that package is unable and I needed to ‘wget’ the .deb from the documentation link and install ‘manually’ from this .deb.
I am moving this to your attention so in present or in new releases you add the one-context packages to your repos so you can be congruent with the options you provide us users to work with your software.
Many thanks in advance for taking this humble request into consideration.

Best Regards

Hi Cristobal,

Many thanks for the heads up, indeed we have not uploaded the context packages in the repository in a while since we think it is a bit of an overkill to add a repo to just install one package. We forgot to take it our of the documentation, it has been fixed now in the documentation code and soon the fix will be online.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.