Compatibility of one-context and OpenNebula versions


I’m going to prepare new Linux images for OpenNebula 5.12.
I’m considering to use addon-context-linux version v6.0.0 or v5.12.0.2.

I just wanted to ask what the versions policy, if it strictly connected with the OpenNebula version or not?
Won’t be there any compatibility issues if I would use v6.0.0 contextualization packages for OpenNebula v5.12?

/cc @vholer

Hello @kvaps,

context packages tend to be backward compatible (as written at the end of release notes Release v6.0.0 · OpenNebula/addon-context-linux · GitHub), so no problem to take newer context packages and run on older OpenNebula.



Got it! Thank you for confirming that :slightly_smiling_face: