Ubuntu 20.04 support


i searched for some time but I wasn’t able to find any information regarding Ubuntu 20.04 support.

I missed something?

Is the correct place to ask this question?



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if you mean the OpenNebula stack, support will come in next release OpenNebula 5.12.

If you mean the virtualization guests, you can take latest Ubuntu / Debian context package https://github.com/OpenNebula/addon-context-linux/releases/tag/v5.10.0, there is only obsolete dependency on Python packages, which forces you to install Python 2 as default one even if you don’t want it. You have to override symlink (/usr/bin/python) manually to Python 3 if required. Or, you can build your own package from master based on the README (https://github.com/OpenNebula/addon-context-linux) which doesn’t have dependency on python anymore.


You can update 18.04 image to 20.04 and save it, untill it is realeased in opennebula marketplace

Ubuntu 20.04 image with preinstalled beta context packages is now on the Marketplace

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Booting the template doesn’t go so well for me.

I only modified it as far as setting a network and changing image mapping driver/image type(*).

(* the footnote is just for the sake of completeness.
I had to switch it all to “raw” since I’m just testing the addon-zfs for revival. Since it boots, I think it is unrelated)

Seems an UEFI issue but shouldn’t it just work?