More detailed loggging - oned.conf log levels have no effect


How could I increase log level as oned.conf log level settings doesn’t bring much new information in logs?

I’ve tried DEBUG_LEVEL = 2 and 3 but nothing really.

What I am after is what happens when nodes run Rsync or Restic backups.

It just fails but that’s it. No logs and it’s a bit confusing.

Could someone help me?


Hi @tentacle :wave:

There are five different debug levels that you can apply:

  • Level 0: Only error messages.
  • Level 1: Error and warning messages.
  • Level 2: Error, warning and info messages.
  • Level 3: Includes messages from previous levels and general scheduling information. This is the debug level by default.
  • Level 4: Includes messages from previous levels and time taken for each step.
  • Level 5: Includes messages form previous levels and detailed information about the scheduling decision, such as VM requirements, Host ranking for each VM, etc. Please be aware that this will impact the performance.

For example for the monitor logs, you can set the desired debugging level as follows:

LOG = [     
    system      = "FILE",     
    debug_level = 3 

In order to make this change take effect, please don’t forget to restart OpenNebula!

You can find more details about logging configuration here :newspaper:.