Moving from 5.8.4 to


I wonder if it is possible to build a new open nebula cluster and migrate KVM instances from original cluster to a new one. I would like to avoid downtime for my developers and resolve all possible kinks on the new cluster first. Original cluster runs on version 5.8.4 and new one will be running on CE.

May be there is some other safe method some one could recommend.

Your help is appreciated.

Hello @Alexander_Litvak

On our documentation, you can find information about how to upgrade from 5.8 to 6.4:

In case that you need to move instances, please check this page too:

If this doesn’t solve your issue, please let us know.

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I bought the bullet and updated existing nodes to I had a weird issue with vnc not working until I disabled Fireedge. At the end I will add couple more new nodes. Thank you for your support.

One question, I am running Ubuntu 18.04 on upgraded machines. Is it possible to install Ubuntu 20.04 on new nodes destined for addition?

Thank you again,

Hello @Alexander_Litvak,

Ubuntu 20.04 is supported, as it is described on the notes:

So it shouldn’t be any problem with that. Regarding VNC, I suggest to check this guide:


Sorry for revisiting the question.

I guess my original question was whether I can run some nodes with ubuntu 18.04 and some with 20.04.
It looks like if I create a kvm based vm on host with 20.04, it refuses to run on host with ubuntu 18.04 because qemu was instantiated with -machine pc-i440fx-focal. I really wonder if I can avoid a forced upgrade to 20.04 at this point.