Multiple KVM nodes in Single opennebula

Hi All,

With Single OpenNebula instance, Can we manage multiple KVM hosts like ESX vCenter ?

Yes, you can

Thanks, UAnton for quick reply.

Can share some documents which I can refer to do this. I’m Confused because in the addition of host I’m not able to point to the KVM host using IP address like a vCenter host.

Basically, my requirement is that I need to manage multiple KVM machines with single OpenNebula instance like spawn a VM, add network… etc. by pointing to the KVM host.

Thanks, But i’m not finding any document for adding multiple KVM nodes. That’s why i’m confused. In the document, It is mentioned that we need to install opennebula on each of the KVM host. Should we really need to do that?

It is very easy, you just install the nodes and add them through the admin interface.

I think you just need to read the documentation. It is fairly easy.

Thanks Rafael,

Let me try. If possible Can you point to the document section which talks about this.

Thanks for the Links, Will try it out.