Ovirt node (kvm) as host

Dear Team,
We are evaluating opennebulla with vcenter its working excellent. Now we are creating a lab with 3 ovirt nodes with gluster san. The setup is working fine with ovirt-engine.
Is it possible to add ovirt nodes as kvm hosts in opennebulla.

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I’m curious about this as well, it’d be great to have a multicloud setup where I could use both VMware and oVirt nodes in OpenNebula.


Is it possible to add ovirt nodes as kvm hosts in opennebulla.

Shortly: no (as of this moment)

Nothing good can come out of it without a proper integration and as of now - such integration is not done. If ovirt would manage some nodes and other system (OpenNebula) would manipulate it without its knowing then all sorts of problem would arise…

Maybe in the future such integration can be done but there is too many requests and things with higher priority for now (we don’t have manpower) - but we all (as community) would always appreciate if community itself would step in and provide some!

Sorry for inconvenience



AFAICS, oVirt is libvirt with keyed-off access to it, so where’s the beef?

The main reason we choose OpenNebula (after looking at other stuff, including oVirt on CentOS) to replace VMware was the simple fact that it a) just works and b), in case it wouldn’t, we still could use standard techniques to save ourselves and keep the workload running for the time being.

Thus, what am I missing? :wink: