Need help configuring nat network!


I have some /h trying to set network up but i’ve fail!

i just want to setup the network to

  1. have access on internet directly from guest vm.
  2. having a static ip.

i’ve setup this way on virtualbox, And is with One NAT and static ip.
but i don’t know how to make this works with OpenNebula or to create a NAT network.

so i’m using virbr0 which is created by default!

you can watch this vid about how i’ve configure network (u can make it HD)
and you can see that when i change interface eth0 from static to dhcp it starts to ping google so i have internet.

But as normal when i create a vm i doesn’t have internet :confused: can someone help me?!


My Host OS : Ubuntu 14.04
OpenNebula Version 5.2

Hi there, did you manage to solve this issue?

Unfortunately video is not available so i cannot see what is your problem. If your setup is within a virtualbox VM then you might need to set promiscuous mode in the network card assigned to the VM (the virtual NIC)

Keep us updated please