Network connectivity to VM problems

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I am new to this forum so excuse me if my problem is not well formulated according to the standards. Currently I am working on a server space provided by my university. It slices its infrastructure to students with OpenNebula. I am able to run a default Centos5 configuration with an provided Image.

Default Virtual networks are provided via onevnet list. I myself do not have the rights to build my own virtual network so I am dependend on the configuration that I get.

Once my vm is running with onevm show VMID I see that it has been provided with an IP adress within the specified range of the AR-pool of the Virtual Network. Although I am not able to Ping or SSH to this network. It gives the response: Unreachable host detected

I am not able to post images due to the fact that I am a new user. If pictures are needed i am happy to provide them as a reaction.

I am kind of stuck at this moment as their is no way I can get into the VM via SSH.

Hope some one can define the problem. Thank you in advance

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It’s best to ask OpenNebula Administrator in your school for your problem. Maybe it was disabled ssh in the firewall. What version of OpenNebula do you use? It’s really weird to use CenOS 5.

Hello, and do you have access from your computer to that network subnet?

Why you use very old Centos 5? Are you running EL5 in VM or on your Opennebula infrastructure?