Unreachable VMs over the Internet

I can succesfully deploy the VMs, but I can’t access them via SSH or even ping them

Bellow you can see an example from Sunstone, where it shows a VM running but unreachable

If I try to SSH I get: ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host
If I try to ping I get: From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable

This seem to only happens in specific Equinix zones, so I can deploy the same VM in Zone A and it works perfect, but in zone B it’s not working. So this problem is probably not related to the VM itself

I can however connect to the host of those VMs, it seems that the VMs are being executed, but lack internet access. I’ve tried to access them but I get prompted for a oneadmin password that it’s different to the oneadmin password in the front-end

Since this is only happening in specific Edge zones, it might be a problem in Equinix and not related to OpenNebula.

Oneprovision is showing the same message for reachable and not reahable zones:

PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************              : ok=51   changed=41   unreachable=0    failed=0    skipped=38   rescued=0    ignored=0
Provision successfully created

Any ideas?

Thanks, Samuel

Fronted: 6.2.1:
Hypervisor: KVM
Provider: Equinix

To add more information, this could be related to a latency issue. The front end is located in Europe and the only working zones are in Europe also. American and Asian zones were working properly before this issue started

Hello @Samu,

Could you please check if networking driver is correctly executed when you deploy the VM? The scripts are located here and in your installation can be found in /var/lib/one/remotes/vnm_mad.


I don’t have the vnm_mad directory

oneadmin@ip-10-0-0-181:~/remotes$ ls
EDITION  auth                       create_docker_image.sh  etc             hooks  ipam    scripts_common.rb  tm   vnm
VERSION  create_container_image.sh  datastore               etc.2022-02-18  im     market  scripts_common.sh  vmm

I’m on 6.2.1

oneadmin@ip-10-0-0-181:~/remotes$ oned -v
OpenNebula 6.2.1 (d82f619b) Enterprise Edition

However I’ve been able to find some of those files in this directory /usr/lib/one/ruby, for example equinix_vnm.rb

I also don’t know how to check if a networking driver is being executed

Thanks @ahuertas