New deployment file every resume


In my environment I’m working with KVM + qcow2. Images are NON persistent and when I instantiate the VM Template, I don’t check the “Instantiate as persistent” slide button.

My objective is to arrive to this scenario:

But everytime I poweroff and resumen the guest, a new deployment.X file appears:

Is this normal?
May I expect Opennebula to delete the old deployment.x files?
Is there any way to configure how many deployment.x files do I want to keep?

Thanks a lot.

This is the expected behaviour, each new VM power cycle has its own deployment file. There is no conf option to alter this behaviour

Hi Tino,

Thanks a lot for your response.

¿Does opennebula delete old deployment files or may I create a custom script to delete the older ones?

OpenNebula does not delete old deployment files, a separate script needs to be used for this.

Thanks a lot for your clarifications!