Newly created VMs no Internet

For context, we have a /24 block of IPs. New VMs suddenly stopped routing to Internet. Contextualization is successful as the new VMs acquire a public IP. Internally, VMs that have been working prior to this behavior CAN ping each other and new VMs on respective public IPs.

Today: No new VMs can access Internet.

Some background:
OpenNebula v…version that was available in January
6 hypervisor environment on KVM has been running smoothly for more than half a year.
Up until about 3 weeks ago, newly created VMs had very inconsistent Internet speeds at the onset. 1 out of 10 builds would operate normally.
Beginning 2 days ago, new VMs would not route to Internet at all. Had some success to ‘wake’ up the network function by undeploying and re-deploying.
Issue does not appear to be isolated to any single hypervisor.

UPDATE before creating Topic:
On OpenNebula admin, I executed a ‘one restart’. oned failed to start, but it looks like the VMs that were sitting there without net, now have net. What’s going on?!

Edit: VMs fail to route to Internet after a few minutes post previous success :frowning:

What are some steps can we take to troubleshoot?


Maybe start with or

Thanks, you’re being facetious right? I’m asking from a One point of view. The VMs themselves context looks correct themselves and can ping the gateway.

You will need to provide the outputs of the basic network troubleshooting tools (the ones mentioned in the links in my previous post) together with the opennebula related commands like onevnet show X, and possibly some checks on your physical network devices. See for an example of the process. It may also be that you discover the problem while collecting all this information.