Windows VM network routing behavior

I was wondering if anyone has run into some strange behavior I see starting a Windows 10 VM on OpenNebula. I have the Red Hat virtio drivers installed on the VM and it starts and works well and can ping the default gateway I have defined in the context. In my template I have the NIC as type virtio.

The strange thing is it can’t route out to the internet or anywhere else on my LAN. After a while it just starts working.

I notice when the VM starts I can’t ping it from the KVM node on the subnet where it’s running, nor can any other hosts or VMs on that subnet. After a while that starts working fine. At that time I see that the VM can start to route out to the internet.

After the VM starts routing out I tried live migrating it over to another host. There, it can’t ping out. When I live migrate it back it starts pinging out right away.

I’m wondering where in the virtio or KVM stack I should start troubleshooting this odd behavior?